Monday, July 16, 2012

Catching up with recording...etc., etc...

I've been knee-deep or maybe I should just say completely hidden away in my little closet/studio for the past week.  I've been working on a collection of short stories, Sweet Tea and Jesus Shoes, when I received offers for three more books.  Actually one is a short story -- Autopsy by Joel M. Andre -- in the horror genre.  That one is now finished and should be available via Audible and Amazon very soon.  I'll post here when it goes on sale.

I'm lucky that I have a nice chunk of time before the deadline for Sweet Tea... (which my proof-listener and I have really enjoyed) because I signed contracts for two more books.  One is in a similar vein to Sweet Tea... and is called  A Dixie Christmas.  It's actually two novellas and is a lot of fun to read.  There are some very talented Southern female writers being published --- hopefully, they'll be getting more attention with their works on audio.

The latest book I contracted to record is the one with the swiftly approaching deadline - August 1st.  This one is a real departure for me which is one of the reasons I accepted it.  The Twilight book and movie series and the HBO series "True Blood" have been part of the rise in popularity of the supernatural mixed with sexy romance.  Shifting Positions by Jennifer Dellerman is in the same vein.  Only this book deals strictly with 'shifters' or men who turn into wolves once a month.   This book is one in a series dealing with different characters (some shifters, some human) in a small town in Colorado.  LOTS of steamy sex in this one.  The cover of the book (available for the Kindle on Amazon) features two people who look nothing like the way I perceive them to look.  For one thing, the main female character is described as being blonde (not brunette like the cover).  Also I picture the guy being a little older than the cover model.  Maybe because his voice is constantly described as being a 'growl', I have a young Sam Elliott (sans mustache) in my head as the lead, Caleb.  Caleb is supposed to be fairly young but the model on the current book cover looks too much like a kid.

Unfortunately, this recording has really cut into any free time I have to begin another book for LibriVox.  Right now, I've had to content myself with keeping my hand in by participating in the weekly poetry reading.  I've always enjoyed doing that anyway but it will be nice to have a chunk of time to record another book for them -- I have a long list of ones I'd like to begin. 

On the yarn front, I made something that I not only like but also solves my long-time problem of finding a plant I can't kill.    An Amigurumi cactus.  Just what I need.  I also started a man's hat for The Humble Stitch Project and I'm still plugging away at the lady's dropstitch scarf I began awhile back. 

OK, back to my airless little studio to 'talk dirty' to my microphone.  My deadline will be here before I know it...


  1. Love the little cactus! And George's photo.

  2. Thanks! I've made enough Amigurumi now that I feel very comfortable working 'in the round'.

    George only recently added this photo to his online site. I don't know when he actually shot it.