Monday, July 9, 2012

Family visit, shopping and a floppy sun hat

I decided to give myself a few days off from recording during the latter part of last week since my sister Heidi and her family were here for a short visit.  This meant that other than some reading prep for a new book I'm recording called Shifting Positions by Jennifer Dellerman, I did no recording or editing.  I spent time with my two 'out-of-town' nieces, Bailey - age 5 and her sister, Taylor - age 3 and then went estate/yard selling with my friends Duane and Linda.  We hit three small sales but got lucky.  All three of us bought books at a sale in Duane's neighborhood.  Linda's are pictured.

I also snagged a little globe note holder.  (I have a thing for globes and maps.)  Linda was the big winner of the day, though.  She also bought a nice used set of luggage ($10 for the set) AND we went to one of our favorite stores, A Modern Line, so that Linda could pick up the vintage double size headboard that she had refinished by the owner of A Modern Line.  It turned out beautifully.  You can really see the grain of the wood.  Now all Linda has to do is advertise and sell her current guest room bed (along with a desk) and she's one step closer to completely revamping her guest bedroom.

In the mean time, we also sent off the package we were readying a couple of posts ago to The Humble Stitch Project.  So now we're starting all over again for the next batch of items.   I did make one other item during this time.  My sister, Carol, and her family are getting ready to go on a Disney cruise so she asked if I could make a floppy yellow sun hat for her 5 year old daughter, Ava.  I looked at a number of patterns, picked one that both Carol and I liked and got to work.  I purchased the pattern from a blog called Crochet Dreamz and it was SO easy to make.  I used a bright lemon yellow yarn and decided to go with all white flowers after finding Mickey Mouse ears buttons at the local Jo-Ann's.  There were quite a few colors in the package of buttons but I decided to stick with primary colors.  I used the smaller buttons in the center of the flowers and decided to add one of the large ones on the back of the brim.  Now Ava can feel stylish and and right at home among the Disney crowd.

To borrow a quote from one of the characters from one of my favorite '80's movies, "Sixteen Candles", it's time to "no more yanky my wanky" (spoken by The Donger) and get back to work.  I recorded and edited today so I'm off to a good start for the week.                                                         


  1. Ava's hat turned out so pretty! You say it was easy but it looks complicated to me. She will love it, especially the little MM ears. I'm in the middle of another square.

    Yes, what fun we had, something for everyone plus lunch. I have actually begun the process for selling my furniture, by posting it on the USF listserve.

    Love George's picture--great colors.

  2. Thanks! Carol really liked the hat and sent a pic to my phone with Ava wearing it.

    It's great that you sold your old bed so quickly but I'm not really surprised since it's so nice and you priced it to sell.