Friday, April 27, 2012

Two more sci/fi from Iambik with more on the way...

Iambik Audiobooks just released two more science fiction/fantasy books and there are more about to make their debut very shortly.  First up is Last Dragon by J.M. McDermott and narrated by the talented Cori Samuel.  This from Jackie Cassada of Library Journal:  “A journey focused on revenge becomes an odyssey of self-discovery and of the founding of an empire in blood and sacrifice. As Zhan searches for her grandfather, a creature no longer human that has killed his entire village, she travels in the company of Seth, a fire-breathing shaman; Korinyes, a gypsy who is more than she seems; and Adel, a paladin present at the slaying of the last dragon. McDermott’s debut novel requires careful reading to piece together a story told in nonlinear form, as mercurial as memories and as visceral as death. This fantasy adventure belongs in libraries where literary fantasy in the tradition of Gene Wolf, A.A. Attanasio, and Gabriel García Márquez is popular.”

Second up is Playing Solitaire and Other Stories by Mark Shainblum.  This book is a double narration by the versatile John Greenman and the lovely voice of Elizabeth Klett.  Three outstanding pieces of short fiction from award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Mark Shainblum, collected for the first time.  This collection includes "Playing Solitaire," "The Art of Solitude," and "The Break Inspector." "The Break Inspector" is an unofficial sequel to Mark Twain's "A Murder, a Mystery and a Marriage," and a top-ten finalist in the International Mark Twain Writing Competition, 2001.  

Head to Iambik and give the full first chapters of these books a listen and you'll find yourself wanting to hear more.  These two are $6.99 each and are available in mp3 and m4b format.  Keep checking back because there are several more in the queue.

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