Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching up

I'm currently doing the prep work to record a book for Iambik and still plugging along on my current LibriVox solo.  The Iambik book is an older classic -- I'll post more about it later.  I'm also waiting to hear second call-backs on three titles I auditioned for on ACX.  Publishers and authors can take a reallllly long time to make up their minds.  I can't really blame them.  Once the recording is out there -- it's out there.  

On the yarn front, I finished a black cabled knit hat that could be for either a man or a woman.  Still working on the ladies royal blue drop-stitch scarf.  This is a fresh batch since I sent a box a week ago to The Humble Stitch.  My friend Kate confirmed that it arrived safely.  In addition to the articles of clothing, Kate told me there were 20 knit/crochet squares (for Knit-A-Square) in the box.  I didn't realize how many of those Linda and I had made in a relatively short time -- I didn't think to count them.      

I also discovered, via Facebook, a new auction site.  It's called Tophatter and features a lot of nice handmade items from people who have shops on Etsy or have their own website.  It's free to join but you can 'watch' the auctions in real time if you like without joining.  You just can't bid (or sell anything) unless you sign up.  I've bought a few little items and also sold a few things I no longer needed.  They have a number of categories and they seem to constantly add more.  Check them out.

Now, back to editing audiofiles.  Not my favorite thing to do but it must be done...

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