Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Lit Fiction and Crime Books from Iambik

Iambik Audiobooks continues their new releases with two literary fiction books and one new crime offering.  Homing by Stephanie Domet is narrated by Linette Geisel.  From the website: "A funny, urban love story, Homing is the story of Leah, a woman who’s grown afraid of the outdoors; a ghost that’s lost its way; a musician who’s trying to find his; and Sandy and Harold, a pair of homing pigeons who help get them all back home."  A lot going on in one book.  Check it out now.

Our next new lit fiction release is Sentimental Exorcisms by David Derry.  Narrated by Anthony St. Pierre, this collection of short stories is filled with plenty of humor and satire.  Joseph Braun of Vue Weekly states: "In Derry's taut, arrestingly witty opening tale "one of the University of Toronto's top English undergrads," employing perfectly sound solipsistic logic, arrives at the conclusion that the only way to fully realize his inherent and sturdy normalcy is to extinguish his compulsion to peep through peeping. "Attainment is annihilation," he explains."

The third of our latest releases is in the crime genre.   The Jook by Gary Phillips is narrated by the talented Darla Middlebrook and Darla's smoothly deep voice carries this Los Angeles-based tale of professional football, crime, sex and drugs.  From The Denver Times:  "At a time when the majority of crime fiction authors seem to be former television writers, Phillips has learned the city from the ground up, working with gangs and pounding the streets as a community activist and union organizer. It’s a career path that has served him well as a crime writer. Even set in the glossy world of high-priced athletes, the Los Angeles that comes through is as destroyed and degenerate as Raines’ football career, making
The Jook a down-and-dirty crime fiction marvel."

These titles are now available at Iambik in mp3 and m4b formats for $6.99 each.  

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