Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eastern Market and a Dance Recital

Yesterday, I hit one of my favorite places to visit when I'm in the Washington D.C. area -- the Eastern Market.  I love the artisans, people with antiques to sell, and the market place -- all kinds of flowers and oodles of good food.

I've been visiting my youngest sister, Heidi, and she and our mother and Heidi's two daughters enjoyed perfect weather at the market.  Mom found some pottery and we bought food for lunch and dinner in the food hall.  Fresh pasta.  Yum.  The only thing missing was one of my favorite vendors, Paul (aka BoxBoy) and his Demented Decoupage.  He's usually at the market on Sundays and we had to go on Saturday due to scheduling our activities.

That night we attended my three year old niece's first ballet recital.  I always love spending time with two of my favorite people in the world -- my 3 year old and 1 year old nieces.  I took the picture of them with their mother, Heidi, after Bailey's recital had ended. 

We had an interesting experience on Friday at a shopping mall in Viriginia near where my sister lives.  At least it was interesting to my mother and me.  Heidi has worked for a newspaper for years and is pretty used to this.  There were some people in a small group way out in the mall parking lot along with black government SUV limousines.  We don't know who it was but the limos looked mostly like the one in the photo except it was following  a car limousine and had Secret Service agents literally sticking their heads out of the windows, and scanning the area as they sped by -- complete with earpieces, etc.  Definitely not the president but maybe a cabinet member?  We speculated and watched as much as possible since we were travelling in the same direction for a short time.  Believe me, they were watching us, too.  These guys could protect me any time.  There were lights flashing around the edges/sides of one of the vehicles in the small motorcade.  It was kind of exciting even though we have no idea who it was.

I've been visiting D.C. and Virginia for over 30 years because George was born there, grew up there and still considers Arlington his home town.  I was happy when my sister's career after college took her there and she settled in Virginia.  It's like going to my second home.   Back to Florida on a flight tomorrow afternoon.   Have to get back to recording!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Too bad about not seeing Box Boy. Don't the girls look so cute! Bailey already looks like a prima donna with her flowers. Taylor doesn't seem to know what to think but she sure looks pretty. I love DC, too, and miss living there sometimes.

  2. I thought about you when we went to the Eastern Market. There were so many cute antique side and end tables!

  3. What a stunning photo by George, by the way. Breathtaking!

  4. Thanks! I'll pass along your comment. :)