Saturday, May 14, 2011

Polyvore and The Hamster

One of my sets on Polyvore.
As a long-time subscriber to The New Yorker, it was via their article in the March 29, 2010 issue that I discovered the website Polyvore. Just as the writer described it, it's like playing dress-up for adults where money is no object.

I joined almost immediately after I checked out the site and, I warn you, it can become addictive. Lately, due to spending most of my time recording, I've only been able to spend very short amounts of time on Polyvore but it's so easy to get sucked back in. Polyvore is basically a fashion site where the members clip, style and share the sets they've created. The site provides a 'clipping tool' that is easily added to your toolbar. It allows you to collect items you find on various shopping sites -- whether they're clothing, accessories or items for the home.

An art set using only one item.
Most people make fashion sets, of course, but there are also plenty of members who make home decor sets and art sets. The art sets can be really fun -- you don't need to be an artist although there are many talented people on Polyvore!  I really like to participate in the 'art' sets where the rules are that you may only use one item (as many times as you like in the set) and there's usually a theme of some kind. There are also groups where you can make sets using only two items -- once again there's always some sort of theme.  One of my recent favorites for a two item set was the stipulation that you could use only some type of a ring and a face. Yes, that's Andy Warhol.
Set using a ring and a face.

There are various groups you can join which are usually devoted to themed sets --  whether it's decor or a certain style of dress, etc.  Many members keep 'collections' of sets that they've admired made by others or may be a theme collection of some of their own sets.

Ham by Lucy's Valentine.
One of my favorite collections (and he has many fans) features 'Ham' the hamster -- made by Polyvore member "lucy's valentine" -- a very talented lady.  Here is just one example of the many guises that Ham has assumed.   You may view more of Ham's adventures via Lucy's pages of her Ham sets.  You will not be disappointed.  This little guy really gets around.  In fact, sometimes he's a guy or a girl, wearing wigs, mustaches, different outfits and there may be more than one of him in the set.  You just never know. Get your 'Ham' fix from Lucy's page here. Lucy keeps Ham very busy!

If you sign up for Polyvore, even if you aren't interested in making sets, you can 'like' sets of others and leave comments. I like to give my sets titles (optional) and add a music clip courtesy of (also optional). Nothing like a little extra atmosphere. Don't say I didn't warn you about the site being addictive, though!
My Suzy Parker set.


  1. So nice to see this Claire..thank you..and really enjoyed hearing your recordings..and reading your blog..cheers!

  2. Thank you, Lucy! I just had to let more people know about Ham. :) Wish I had more free time to spend on Polyvore but that's been scarce lately.
    Hope things are going well for you!