Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Royal Wedding Viewing Party and Tea

Our Royal Wedding Viewing Party and Tea made for a fun day as we watched Prince William marry Kate Middleton. Our hostess, Duane, made a lovely wedding cake as the centerpiece among the finger sandwiches and treats on a table adorned in royal blue and cream colors in her dining room.  In the living/viewing area, we set up candies on the coffee table along with vintage demitasse cups for tea.

There was no shortage of hats among the ladies although our male friends decided to forgo head adornments in favor of diving into the food.
We had some handmade and hand 'embellished'  hats along with some very pretty gloves! Vicki brought a box of beautiful vintage ladies handkerchiefs and insisted that each of us choose one to keep.  Even the guys picked some out for the ladies in their lives. 

One of our guy friends, in particular, took quite a liking to the lovely Pippa Middleton, sister of the bride and Maid of Honor.  Every time Pippa was shown on the screen we were all relieved that Randy was here and NOT in London. (Just kidding, Randy!) 

Our hostess, Duane.
Duane did a wonderful job hosting our little event in her lovely home and we had a great time.  In addition to the sandwiches and wonderful homemade scones provided by Duane, we were all on a 'sugar high' by the end of the afternoon due to the candies, fudge, cinnamon rolls and petit fours.  Luckily, these events don't roll around too often so we didn't hold back in our enjoyment. 

Here's to Prince William and his lovely bride, Catherine!  A beautiful wedding, from the gowns and hats to the trees in Westminster Abbey.  And we all LOVED the ride the couple took in the Aston Martin.  (I want that car!) 


  1. Just what we all needed!! Thank you Duane, and girls. A very lovely and memorable, company, weather, and the support of friendship during difficult times... just what the doctor ordered!!

  2. Hey, if we hadn't had the wedding as an excuse, we would have made one up!