Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lunch and shopping for hat supplies...

I played hooky from recording today and met my friend, Barbara, for lunch at a new Cuban restaurant, La Cubanita Cafe. It serves food cafeteria style.
We both had chicken and yellow rice and Barb also bought a deviled crab for later. Pretty good for a cafeteria. Not as good as Las Palmas further north but still worth the visit.

Then I went shopping for hat supplies for Duane's Royal Wedding Viewing Party and Tea. After going to Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics, I think I have everything I'll need. I'll post a pic here when I've finished it. I thought I'd be able to buy the 'base' to make a fascinator hat like the one pictured on my blog in an earlier post. Unfortunately, neither place carried the piece that attaches (via hidden combs) to your head. HOWEVER, I stumbled across a substitute while trolling the aisles in Jo-Ann's. It's basically, well, a fake 'boob' or 'enhancer'. Someone had opened a package and I noticed they're shaped just like the fascinator bases I've seen.
These things are called Bra cups and when I tried one on the top/side of my head, it was a perfect fit. Of course there are two in the package and I only have one head so I may offer the other one to a friend if they plan to make the same style. I plan to cover mine in either brown or tan felt before I embellish it. Apparently, my head is a C/D cup size. I can already hear the smart-ass remarks from my friends...

I also bought some feathers of various sizes and colors along with strands of beads.

With items I already have in my 'craft' box, I hope I can come up with something wearable. I think I'm going to have to look at a LOT more pictures of these hats first.

After my little afternoon jaunt, which gave my voice a break, I need to get back to editing my Iambik files before continuing to record. Tomorrow is wide open...


  1. It really sounds like you're getting creative. I look forward to seeing the results. I haven't bought my hat embellishments yet but I should soon--time is quickly passing.

  2. Yes, I really needed to get going since I'm making mine from scratch. :P