Sunday, February 20, 2011

You snooze -- you lose

Really fun day yesterday with my friends Duane and Linda.  We celebrated Linda's birthday with lunch, estate sales and shopping.  Linda was the big winner with a really nice large picture for her office from the estate sale along with an incredible stone Buddha (with a beautiful patina) for her backyard.  She and her husband own over 3 acres which includes a beautiful forest behind their house.  She plans to place the Buddha where the back lawn meets the forest so it's easily seen from her back porch.  Duane was trying to decide if her kitchen was big enough for this fab old kitchen table that we came across at a yard sale an antique shop was having.  The table is a nice size and features a drawer on one side.  She may go back and buy it today.  A steal at $20 plus $5 for delivery!

I bought a couple of items -- a piece of vintage matte white pottery for my collection (I plan to post on my 'white pottery obsession' with pictures later) and a fab 1950's Shawnee ashtray in a gorgeous aqua blue with gold metallic running through it.  However, I lost out on what I really wanted and it's my own fault.  When you see something in a shop with one-of-a-kind items, as everyone knows, you'd better buy it then.  I was in this new shop called Kaleidoscope a few weeks ago with Duane and saw a piece of hanging art that I fell in love with.  I wasn't sure about the size for where I wanted to put it so I waited until our trip yesterday.  Naturally, it had been sold.  Bummer -- but I have no one to blame but myself.  As soon as I realized it would fit where I planned to hang it, I should have called Duane to nab it for me.  (This shop is in her neighborhood.)  I did pick up the vintage Shawnee ashtray as a consolation prize, though.  

The shop, Kaleidoscope is fantastic.  Beautifully curated and laid out furniture, wall hangings and decor.
Mostly vintage decor with much of the art coming from local artists.  They concentrate on mid-century furniture and the owner does the refinishing, specializing in Heywood Wakefield furniture.
This picture has several Heywood Wakefield pieces that he has restored to their natural beauty.

Later, we met friends at The Independent for drinks to celebrate a graduation. (Congrats, Lana, on finishing your master's degree!) A nice finish to a great day.


  1. It was a lovely day!! I didn't go back for the table. I measured and it just wouldn't fit. Bummer

  2. That's really too bad! Good thing you had the size, though. :)

  3. The Buddha photo is very close to what I found. I will design a setting worthy of it. I must say that Danny seemed quite impressed with the picture, especially the price ($5)! He talked about missed opportunities with art, and mentioned that you had a Calder experience.

  4. Good! I tried to find a Buddha that looked as close to yours as possible.

    My missed experience wasn't with a Calder, it was with some Jackson Pollock signed prints. I can't think about it without feeling sick. :P