Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day and recording woes...

Happy Valentine's Day to George. This is the only version of this song I've ever liked.
Now if that guy pressure washing my neighbor's house and driveway doesn't finish very soon... grrr... I'm testing out my new microphone, the Blue Yeti, and it picks up everything.

Obviously someone must have considered the size of this big boy when they named it. I've been playing around with it since last night and the sound is great but I have to get used to a different set-up. I've been using an Altec Lansing headset for almost 4 years so using this is pretty cool.

I'm going to record this week's Weekly Poem for LibriVox as my first project. I would love to have had this when I started the solo I'm working on now -- In the Cage -- by Henry James but I don't want to switch over halfway through a project.

Here's to golden silence...

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