Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Art -- My foot

It's amazing the number of free things available via the Internet. When I first started using it in the '90's, I came across a number of 'free stuff' sites. A lot of companies gave out promotional tee shirts, hats, keyboards, clocks, gift certificates, etc. There seems to be less of that now but some of the things offered were more interesting than others.

An artist named Scott Blake, who makes art using barcodes, offered a free barcode art post card if you emailed him your address. You could select from several different subjects and I chose one of Andy Warhol. (I framed it in a white frame and it hangs in my home office.) Scott also included a removable barcode 'tattoo' and asked that, in return for the post card, you place the barcode somewhere on your person, photograph it and then send him a copy of the photo. Sounded fair to me.

The barcode I received had the word 'Human' on it. After looking at pics of what other people had sent in, I decided to place the barcode on the top of my foot. I also thought it would look cool, since the barcode was black and white, to wear black leggings and black shoes (which I wore anyway) for the photo.
Scott posted the photo on his site and it's still there. Just scroll down -- you'll see lots of interesting ways other people chose to wear their barcodes. Barcode Tattoos.

I used my picture as an avatar on a site I used to belong to and someone told me it reminded them of a borg. I loved that since that's what I was going for. I also framed a copy of it for my office. That made for interesting conversation with visitors.

Scott sells his art from his site along with just about every item imaginable relating to barcodes. He's a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and his work has been exhibited around the world. Check out his site.  It's definitely worth a visit. He has items you can download along with videos, etc. (Anyone for a barcode clock on their PC?)  Oh, and he's still offering to send a free barcode art postcard to people who email their address to him. Lots more postcards than when I chose mine.

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