Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"Governor's Road" is now live on Audible!

My recording of Governor's Road: A Novel of Southern Proportions by Laurie Byrne Smith is now for sale on Audible.  I enjoyed recording this book and found the murder mystery chilling.  

From Audible:

"Looking for a good Southern romantic mystery? A mysterious romance? Governor's Road is the book for you. This beautifully written book will keep you up all night. There are plenty of clues, and there are a lot of hints, but even when you put them all together, it will be close to impossible to puzzle your way to the ending. Governor's Road is a book you won't be able to stop listening to. Excitement, frisky loving, a mystery of epic proportions, and traditional Southern pathos make this book a fun and rewarding listen.

"The terrorized children of Governor's Road grew up without resolution or closure to the most devastating event of their young lives. Their friend, a child their age, disappeared one afternoon and somehow, they never seem to learn what happened. Saddened parents decide to protect their children, and the obvious fear recedes in the face of the calm that settles back over the neighborhood. But, fear never really disappears until it's confronted. As adults, JoBeth and Billy set out to discover what happened to little Petey Shiner. The answer brings them to the conclusion that there is no perfect childhood, even in a perfect town in a perfect decade. Every town hides its secrets and puts on a good face, even at the expense of its residents.

"Along the way, JoBeth and Billy discover love and romance. Their kindling of love takes you to places you can only want to return to...and their future makes you happy. It's their past that is so hard to reconcile.

"As well as a lot of fun, a dark mystery, and hot Southern romance, JoBeth and her friends also encounter the harsh reality of Alzheimer's and aging. Sometimes, a loved one can be lost more than once.

"The malevolent specter of mental illness surfaces when the listener meets Lucius Sifer and begins to understand the unusual existence the boy leads. The ending is grim but satisfies that need everyone has for justice."

To listen to the sample and/or purchase, head to Audible here

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