Sunday, November 22, 2015

An Ikea Friday

Duane, Linda, and I usually hit Ikea about twice a year.  Even though we have one where we live, it's still a long haul going through the store.  (Yes, I know.  Ikea does that on purpose.)  We wanted to go before it got too close to Christmas and, of course, we always go on a week day. 

The was the first time that we have NOT had to put any of the back seat down in order to get our purchases into Mrs. Peel.  This is despite the fact that Duane bought 2 hanging lights along with other items.  She's remodeling her kitchen and these were perfect.

Fisherman's Light.  Duane bought 2.

Mostly, though, all three of us bought small household items.  I needed some wastebaskets for a couple of bedrooms along with some more glass cereal bowls that I've bought before (but managed to break).  Along with dish towels and towel bars, you get a good idea of what we bought.  However, all three of us wanted to check out the Christmas section at Ikea.  They always have cute ornaments and wrapping paper.  We didn't leave that section empty-handed.  I bought a set of adorable burlap snowman ornaments.

I bought a set of these.
BUT, my big find of the day wasn't even something I was looking for.  It's not in the catalog and also not on the US Ikea website.  It was this fabulous pillow with a microphone on it.  I bought an insert, too, so it's already in use on the futon in my home office/recording studio.  When I posted this pic on a narrator page I belong to, people loved it.  Several wanted one for themselves and/or gifts so I gave them the name of the product and the product number.  I can already attest that it's very soft for taking a nap after a few hours of editing or recording. 

LOVE my new microphone pillow.

After we left Ikea, we headed to one of our fave lunch places, Nicko's Diner, near where Duane lives.  After a walk through Ikea, we were starved.  Next weekend we'll be hitting the holiday shop small business shop hop in Seminole Heights.  Really looking forward to that!

We fit it all in the boot!  No back seats down.


  1. That pillow is adorable...and just perfect for you!

    1. Thanks, Dana! I have a feeling there's going to be a run on them since I posted on a narrator page. :)