Monday, March 23, 2015

A Parking Lot Sale and a Library Book Sale

Saturday morning, Sherry's YesterDaze, had their parking lot sale.  This usually happens twice a year and Duane, Linda, and I rarely miss it.  Besides having items on sale in the store, Sherry has other sellers put up tables in the parking lot of her business for a nice variety of vintage items for shoppers.

There were quite a few vendors at this sale.  One woman had a ton of nice vintage costume jewelry.  If only I didn't have so many pieces already.  Sigh.  Duane found a cute blue and white pin in the shape of a Dutch wooden shoe.  It has the look of Delft although it's not marked.  Still a nice piece to add to her collection (and wear).  Duane also found a book at this sale.

Vendors at the parking lot sale.

After leaving the parking lot sale, we headed to the Seminole Heights Branch Library.  They were having their book sale which included DVDs.  This was a great sale if you're a book-lover -- a label that all three of us proudly share.  This is the first sale that we've gone to since the new library was built.  The sale was held inside, which was nice since it's already gotten pretty warm here. 

Seminole Heights Branch Library
None of us left this book sale empty-handed.  Besides books, I also purchased a movie.  Lots of recently published books for sale (due to donations) and all of the proceeds go back into the library.  Good for everyone.

We headed to Starbucks after the book sale and had refreshments and a good gabfest.  Needless to say, we'll be borrowing some of each other's books which makes it even more of a bargain.  Happy reading! 

Our purchases.

Duane's shoe pin.

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