Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Friday Estate Sale and a Womans Club Flea Market

Wedgwood jasper ware.
Linda's mom, Jessie, is visiting from Michigan.  We're always  pleased to see Jessie and she accompanied Linda, Duane, and me on our estate sale excursion yesterday.   We began at an estate sale in the neighboring little town of Lutz.  It was in a retirement community of condos.  Lots of beautiful Wedgwood and some antique furniture along with nice women's clothing and accessories. I own several pieces of Wedgwood blue jasper ware, that I acquired over the years, along with a complete set of the white/cream flowers on blue version of the Queensware china.

More items.
The prices were very fair and I would have been tempted if I didn't already have quite a bit of it.  Jessie purchased a really pretty dish with the queen's initials "ER" made by Wedgwood.  Linda and I had both looked at the same dish so I'm glad that it went home with one of us!  Linda and Jessie were also both lucky in the ladies wear dept.  Jessie bought a shirt and Linda bought a new pair of red leather flats/loafers that were still in the original box and looked like they had never been worn.

Old Lutz School.
After this sale, we headed to the Lutz Womans Club Annual Flea Market held at the historic old Lutz school.  The school house is listed on the register of historic sites and was built in 1927.  It's always fun to attend the Womans Club's flea market -- held inside and on the grounds of the old school.  The flea market began at 8am and we didn't get there until around 11am so we missed a lot but there were still plenty of treasures to be found.  The ladies had the rooms inside the school divided into ladies fashion, housewares and (my favorite room) trinkets & treasures.


The trinkets and treasures room.

None of us left this sale empty-handed.  I found a beautiful matte white ceramic bird.  No markings of any kind but I just fell in love with it.  It reminds me of some of the expensive birds available from Design Within Reach (one of my favorite sites!).  I also found several books.  Jessie purchased a beautiful enamel box and a couple of pairs of earrings.  Duane lucked out in her quest for more Delft ware and found an adorable spoon rack.  She may use it to hang some of her necklaces.  She hasn't decided yet.  She also bought some books.  Linda found books and some VHS movies.

After the flea market, we were all ready for a treat so we headed to Panera's and had drinks and goodies and a really nice gabfest.  We'll miss Jessie when she heads back to Michigan on Monday but we're glad she's not going back empty-handed! 

Our finds.


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