Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tea Room Estate Sale

The estate sale that was advertised as a three estate sales in one turned out to be a large tea room that was going out of business.  I went to this one on my own since it was really out of the way for Duane and Linda but I did manage to pick up a little something for both of them.  This place was an Anglophile's dream.  Loads of beautiful English china, teas, and framed reproductions of famous scenes associated with the UK were abundant.  There was quite a bit of Limoges, too.  Everything was priced to sell from sterling and silver plate to the furniture -- large and small pieces.  Everything was very nicely laid out.  I immediately found something for myself.  I love enamel and there was a beautiful serving plate with a swirled enamel finish.  Sold!

I also picked up a tea tin for both Linda and Duane.  These were the empty tins left over from tea being served at the business.  This particular tin (I bought two of the same) was for a tea created in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Golden Jubilee.  I think the girls will like these.  Not quite as good as having a go at the merchandise but...

I also found several items that will be gifts for family and friends who read this blog so, sadly, I can't give a description or show pictures of them.  However, I was really glad I went to this sale.

I checked the address the night before and knew that it had been a tea room.   A family owned it and they were very nice.  I didn't ask them why they were closing.  Although there's nothing about this location (there's more than one) closing on their website.  The menu is also still up and it wasn't inexpensive to dine there.

Anyway, it got me out of bed bright and early and I love the enamel serving plate I bought!  Can't wait to use it.  I'll take the tea tins to Duane and Linda tomorrow.  We're getting together at Linda's house to change the 'boob' light in her walk-in master closet to a beautiful chandelier.  Can't wait to see it!

My buys.  (At least the ones that I can show here.)


  1. Love my tea tin! It goes so nicely with my Royal Wedding tea tin from when Wills married Kate.

  2. I knew that you and Duane would like that particular tin!