Monday, September 30, 2013

Linda's new chandelier!

Linda's 'before' light.
Yesterday, Duane and I met at Linda's house to help replace the builder's light in Linda's master closet with a beautiful chandelier she bought from Pottery Barn.  Linda's original light wasn't really a 'boob' light like my builder lights were.  Her's are just round lights that you often see on ceiling fans.

Unlike my ugly popcorn ceilings, Linda has a lovely handfinished ceiling that her new chandelier pools with light at the top.  Linda's master closet is about the same size as mine but it's shaped like a square to my rectangle.

The light she chose is called the Clarissa.  She ordered it from Pottery Barn and was really pleased with it when it came and she had it assembled.  Although to be truthful, much of it had to be reassembled again after the three of us finished installing it.  The crystals kept falling off and, luckily, hitting Linda's carpeted closet floor.  It was much easier for Linda to put the crystals back where they belonged on the chandelier after we had finished hanging it.  Here is a picture from the Pottery Barn website of the light Linda bought along with a dramatic photo she took after she had 'reassembled' all of the crystals.

From Pottery Barn site.

Here's the chandelier in all it's glory lit in Linda's closet.

Light in Linda's closet.

Quite dramatic!  You can't tell from the photo but the light shows off her nice ceiling texture, too.  I should also add that we basically turned the light into a semi-flush mount.  Even with an 8 foot ceiling, if we had used the chain, Linda might have been knocking her head on it since the light itself is about 15 inches high from top to bottom.  Without the chain, it brought the light to a nice height unless you're Paul Bunyan or someone else vertically blessed.

Linda has made other changes to her closet but she's still deciding if there's some way she can add art or if she wants to paint the pristine white walls.  Her master bedroom is a beautiful blue with white door and moldings so the closet color looks lovely.  I'll certainly post here if she decides to 'take the plunge' with any more upgrades.  The three of us were pretty sweaty and sore after hanging onto the light while standing on a step stool, a chair and a ladder in order to install it.  But, as you can see, it was worth it!  Also, Linda made homemade chocolate chip cookies so the three of us scarfed those as a reward for a job well done.


  1. Nice write up! It was a bigger project than it looked. Claire in particular did the majority of the work. As you see from other blogs she does know how to install light fixtures.

    BTW, love George's photo--so pretty.

  2. Ha, ha! I learned by reading directions and being too cheap to hire an electrician. :) Although any bigger projects would need a pro.

    I'll pass along your comment to George. I love the colors in this one.