Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recording, editing and more yarn items

I just finished my latest solo,  for the LibriVox catalog, The Girl Aviators and the Phantom Airship by Margaret Burnham.  This one is aimed at teen and pre-teen girls.  Here's the summary I wrote for LibriVox:  "Teenagers Peggy Prescott and her brother Roy share a love of aviation that they inherited from their late father. Mr. Prescott had always dreamed of building an aeroplane that would be free of the defects of planes already invented. Peggy and Roy manage to build a plane starting with the framework their father had begun. Peggy christens it ‘The Golden Buttefly’ and she and Roy are determined to enter it in a young aviator’s contest for a prize of $5000. The Prescotts need the money desperately to save the home they share with their aunt which is about to be taken from them by the rather nasty banker, Mr. Harding. Peggy and Roy along with their best friends, Jess and Jimsy Bancroft – also sister and brother, experience many adventures – many of them while flying the Golden Butterfly. A kidnapping, missing jewels and contact with some desperate characters are just some of what the Prescotts encounter in their Long Island village of Sandy Bay. There’s never a dull moment for these two as they pursue their dream of flying."

If you like young adult books or have a child in the age range, I would highly recommend this one.  I enjoyed reading and recording it.  I'm currently recording another children's book -- this one is a paying job -- called The Distant Shore.   I'm also enjoying this book although it's aimed at a younger audience than the aviator series.

On the yarn front, I finished purses for my four year old and two year old nieces.  I'm flying to Virginia to visit them tomorrow for a long weekend.  These were fun to make and very fast.  I plan to make one for my 5 year old niece who lives near me but since she's so close, I think I'll let her choose the colors for the purse and the flower.  The purse is sized for a young child and the pattern can be found at The Tangled Happy blog.  The blogger, Sara, modified a pattern she had created earlier for adults.  The purses I made are called the Strappy Boutique bags.  I found the pattern for the flower on another site.  Megan at Tampa Bay Crochet had made this bag and pointed me in the direction of the flower -- created by Melissa on the Action Hero: Knitting Weblog.  I used worsted weight acrylic yarn and then blocked the purses (mainly for the straps) using instructions found at the Bead Knitter Gallery.  Wonderful information from the blogger (known as Bead Knitter) on blocking acrylic.  Now, when my nieces get their purses dirty, my sister can just toss them in the washer and dryer (using the temps, etc., for this yarn).  I'm putting the hairbands (which I also blocked) I made for them inside the bags.  To see one of the hairbands, check out my original post here.  I'm making an identical one in a mossy green color for my 5 year old niece -- she has beautiful green eyes.

On the charity knitting/crocheting front, I finished a pair of knitted handwarmers that I like very much.  I used a burgundy worsted weight yarn with colorful flecks.  The pattern, called Carrie Handwarmers, can be found on I am what I knit and was created by the blogger, Doris.  I am so grateful to the crafters who post their patterns and allow others to use them.  These should keep some lady's hands very warm next winter. 

I also finished the black cabled hat I was working on and a couple of more squares for Knit A Square.  My buddy, Kristen, just sent me a handful of squares for the pile so it won't be long before we have another box for The Humble Stitch. 


  1. The purses are so cute--even more so in person. The girls will love them and the headbands. The hand warmers look great--nice color. And beautiful photo by George. The colors are fantastic. I'm almost halfway through my latest red square. Kristen's squares always look so perfect.

  2. Yes, they seem to really like the purses. They have them hanging on the handles of various ride and 'push' toys. :)

    So glad your square is coming along! That red yarn you bought was a beautiful color and really soft.

    Will hit Eastern Market either tomorrow or possibly Sunday. Taylor had what turned out to be a 12 hour stomach bug -- 8 other kids in her class also had it. She seems fine now but we hope none of the rest of us catch it. :( Lots of hand sanitizer and Airborne. :P Bailey's recital is tomorrow afternoon. Will take pictures.