Saturday, May 12, 2012

My visit with family and record, record, record

I spent five days with my sister, Heidi, and her girls in Virginia so I've been 'out of the loop' for the past week.  Since I've been back, I've been working on recording my latest project and trying to shake a cold I picked up.  Grrr...  No one at my sister's house was sick so I suspect I picked this up on the plane going up.  The guy next to me was sick although he tried to be very careful.  Sigh.  It happens.

My mom flew up with me so we could spend time with Heidi and her girls while her husband, Charlie, was in New Orleans for his yearly 'man-time' at the Jazz Fest.  It's always fun seeing two of my favorite little people  --  my nieces.  The four year old, Bailey,   posed with the purse I made for her just before she biked around the neighborhood with me following her on foot.  Poor Taylor, the two (almost 3) year old had a 12 hour stomach bug but recovered quickly and NO ONE else got it.  That was a relief.  We took the girls shopping and to the Eastern Market (one of my fave places!) on Saturday before Bailey's dance recital.  I painted Bailey's fingernails and toenails a very pale peachy pink and I also put her hair into the requisite bun.  The girls also enjoyed a lunch of Happy Meals from Mickey D's with Nanny on the deck.

The recital is part ballet and part tap and (mercifully) short.  (The audience and  the girls are both happy about that.)  Little sister Taylor gets pretty excited, too, although she's the shy one while Bailey is the extrovert.  Nanny (their grandmother) had also brought things for the girls, including matching dresses to wear that night.
Bailey & Aunt Lee Ann - BFF
I'm not sure where it comes from but Bailey is definitely part 'ham' and enjoys performing.  She never seems to behave as though she's nervous.  We let her pick out the flowers we would give her after the recital and she chose yellow tulips when we shopped at the Eastern Market. 

After posing for lots of pictures and having cookies and punch with her friends from dance class, we went to dinner and then stopped for dessert.  Yum. 

Taylor gets her turn next year.

Heidi and her girls.

Back to the grind now but it's good to be home and I'm enjoying the book I'm working on.  Also, I'm almost finished making an Amigurumi 'Elmo' to send for Taylor's birthday.  Will post a pic when I'm finished with it.


  1. What cute photos! And a really nice one of Heidi and the girls, as well as Aunt Lee Ann and Bailey. I know the girls enjoyed having auntie and grandma visit. Nice pic by George, BTW.

  2. Thanks! <3 Had a great time with the girls, as usual.

    George wants to have this pic blown up and mounted to replace the one we have hanging on the landing. He wasn't really satisfied with how the first one turned out.

    1. Sometimes it's nice to change the artwork in the house--not that I have much to mix around. Of course, George makes his own art so that helps.

  3. Yes, but it can get expensive when the 'artiste' changes his mind. :/