Monday, February 20, 2012

Updates on LibriVox and all things yarn

I finished my latest LibriVox project, Peggy's Trial by Mary Knight Potter, and it can be found in the catalog here.  A very sweet story for children, particularly girls, ages 8-10.  This is the summary I wrote for LibriVox:    "Ten-year old Peggy Clayton and her two younger brothers, Teddy and Harry, live with their father, Dr. Clayton, and Nurse, a woman who has taken care of them since the death of their mother when Peggy was five. Peggy is a sweet and kind little girl with a big imagination and a great sense of fun. Peggy's Trial follows her adventures with her friends at school, the mischief she and her brothers cause poor old Nurse, and even Peggy’s being chased by a bull. But nothing can prepare Peggy, Teddy and Harry when they fear they may lose their beloved father to a stepmother."

I still haven't decided on my next LibriVox project.  Usually I know what I plan to record next but I've got so many possibilities that I've come across that I can't decide.  Something I need to do today.

Long knit scarf - WIP
I'm still knitting and crocheting squares for the Knit A Square project but I've been concentrating more on making actual items for The Humble Stitch.  I've ventured outside my comfort zone and I'm actually knitting a cabled hat.
Cabled hat - WIP

It's one of three works-in-progress that I have going right now.  The other two are scarves.  A drop stitch scarf for a woman and a long knitted one for a man. 

Dropstitch scarf - WIP

At the moment, I have 13 finished squares, one hat, two scarves and 2 pairs of handwarmers.  Duane and Linda are working on squares and both of them plan to begin one of the long knit scarves as their first project beyond making squares.  We should have a package ready pretty soon to send to The Humble Stitch.  I really like the handwarmers or fingerless gloves pattern that I found on the blog Speckless.  Although I plan to try some other patterns, this is going to be my go-to one for this item.  A big thanks to Heidi at Speckless for sharing the pattern she created!

Finished pieces.

And I'm still researching scripts to audition for at ACX and, of course, Iambik.  Many of us have auditions out that we're waiting to hear yea or nay on.  Authors and publishers can be very slow in responding, particularly on ACX where I'm sure they're inundated with auditions.  I've been mostly sending in auditions for nonfiction on ACX but I'm now looking at some fiction, too, particularly mysteries.

Since I've just bought a new computer, I've had to tweak a few things in my recording set-up.  Mostly for the better since this computer is (thankfully) very quiet.  


  1. The photos look fab! Good job! Babs showed me how to add more yarn to finish my square, so that should be done shortly. I'll start on the scarf as soon as my new knitting needles come in.

  2. Your needles should be here by Wednesday (according to the FedEx email I received) so, get ready!

  3. That's so sweet, Kate! I'm afraid that when you get a closer look -- especially at the cabled hat -- you're going to see lots of boo-boos. It's been a learning experience, though. :)