Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Iambik contest and updates

Iambik Audiobooks has a new contest here where you can win up to 3 titles of your choice.  The contest runs until February 10th, 2012 and there are various ways to improve your chances of winning.  The lovely Miette, Iambik blogger and advertiser extraordinaire, gives you all the details.  She's also the person to contact if you're interested in a review copy of any Iambik title. Email Miette at

Iambik has also been posting chapters and sound bites from our
books on SoundCloud via 2 different groups, Iambik Audiobooks (our official site), now getting close to 7,000 followers, and Bytes from Iambik where Iambik members may upload audiofiles and/or link to their own SoundCloud.  Mine are here.  I plan to add a few clips from my LibriVox work when I have the time to select them.  

You can also follow us on Twitter @iambikaudio.

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