Thursday, October 27, 2011

No! No! No! Not the street guys!!!

Just as I was about to start recording a very long chapter in my current LibriVox project today, I heard the unmistakable sounds of city workers beginning street resurfacing of my neighborhood.  Argh!   This means we'll have to drive on one side of the street only as they pave the other side.  That I can handle.  It's the noise part I can't take.  I can hear that truck and bulldozer (or whatever they call it) inside my recording studio/closet.  When the windows and house rumble -- that's a problem.

The chapters for A Yellow Journalist have all been pretty long but this one, chapter 12, is 30 pages.  I wanted to wrap this book up because I have two children's books that I found in a used bookstore that was  going out of business that are not listed on any of the usual places online.  (That store was a goldmine.)  Both books are pre-1923 so I can record them for LibriVox and then donate the books to Project Gutenberg to be scanned and added to
Not me but pretty close.
their online full-text printed books collection -- free for everyone.

Today's events and the days coming up have put a kink in my plans.  I finished the short story for a crime collection that's being produced by Iambik but, right now the only books available for audition are all for male narrators.  So I thought this would be a good time to work on my LibriVox projects before I have another chance at some auditions for Iambik.

I am not a happy camper today.  I know these guys are just doing their jobs but, nevertheless.  I guess it's a good excuse to watch the last episode of BBCA's "Luther" on demand.

Here is my response to the noise.  I feel like blasting it from my front window but they might actually like it. From one of my favorite divas -- Karen O.

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