Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mrs. Peel visits a cottage estate sale

Duane and I hit an unusual estate sale yesterday. 
Cottage behind bungalow.
This one was in a small cottage located behind a bungalow in an older part of town known as Hyde Park.  As always, Duane guided Mrs. Peel, my Mini, and we found it without too much trouble.  The bungalow in front was very nice but the cottage was just adorable.   It was one nice sized living area but also included a full bath, a small walk-in closet and some kitchen appliances along one wall of the main room.

Lots of art and ceramics at this sale.  I found a large piece of 
Some items outside the cottage.
Hull pottery in my favorite white matte finish for $12. Believe me, that's a good price currently for a piece of this size. I love the scalloped design on this one. Very different from other pieces I own.

After we finished looking at this sale, we hit two more in the south part of town and Duane scored a ton of cookbooks for next to nothing.

My latest find.

Then, of course, it was time for some refreshment so we decided to stop at my favorite bakery, Kalupa's, for coffee and a snack.  Mmmm... Not only does Kalupa's make my favorite cakes but they sell tons of yummy pastries and goodies. My dog, Sammy, loves their special dog biscuits, too.

After our refreshment, Duane suggested we check out the Tuesday Morning store since we were on the south side of town.  I had never been to this particular TM but it was a huge store.  Much bigger than the one on the north side where I usually shop.  Spent quite a bit of time in there and we both found a few things we needed/wanted.  After we left TM, we decided to head back to the Seminole Heights area for lunch.  We both had the tuna melt at one of our favorite places to eat -- Mikey's Cafe & Bakery.  After that we both waddled home with our finds and had to fight wanting to nap the rest of the day.

Mrs. Peel.  Mission accomplished.


  1. Very cute, and what a nice piece of pottery--different. It sounds like a lovely day. Is Mikey's the pink pharmacy?

  2. Yes, Mikey's is the place that used to be a pharmacy. You've been there several times. :)

  3. Yes, great sandwiches!