Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mrs. Peel rides again

Yesterday morning Duane and I hit an estate sale with Duane at the wheel of Mrs. Peel and me navigating.  I really need to work on my navigation skills or give up and buy a GPS device.  MapQuest isn't doing it for me.  Of course, it also didn't help that in this particular part of town, the streets are broken up by canals.  You think you're heading the right way and, technically, you are, but you come to a dead end and have to backtrack to find where the street picks up again.  Grrr.  I'm glad Duane is such a patient person.  It was worth it when we got there.

Lots of furniture, household items, china, glassware and household items.
I found some DVDs of movies I haven't seen.  Duane did even better, though.  The lady who had lived in this house must have been on a perpetual diet.  There were all sorts of magnets, pictures, etc., making jokes about pigging out and losing weight.  Also, her clothing ran a range of several sizes and many items still had the tags on them.  Duane found a smart-looking red dress that looks like it was never worn.  
She also found a lovely blue wallet in
pristine condition and a Victorian style planter.

After this sale, we hit a garage sale on the way back to Duane's house.  The man giving it was an artist and Duane scored a cool wood easel and several lovely hardcover art books.  I bought a nice hardcover reference book on antiques with lots of photos for $1.

Then we headed to Starbucks for refreshment.  Ah, nothing like an iced coffee and a vanilla bean scone to boost your system.  We hit a fabric store (I'm planning to recover my dining room chairs as part of my project to 'de-formalize' the room) and then to Kaleidoscope, one of our favorite places to browse for furniture and decor.  A fun day!                            


  1. Wow, what beautiful items on sale! Looks like Duane really scored big. I'm sorry big time that I missed it. Plus, it sounds like it was a fun day for all.

  2. Yes, that dress will look great on her. Red always does. We REALLY missed you! <3

  3. Just noticed George's latest oeuvre. It's really beautiful. Does he ever show or sell his work?

  4. No, although he has entered and won some contests. The most notable was Popular Photography. I've tried to get him to set up a website or enter an arts show.