Monday, September 12, 2011

LibriVox Update

I finished recording the children's book Zip, the Adventures of a Frisky Fox Terrier by Frances Trego Montgomery for LibriVox.  It can be found in the catalog here.   Very sweet book that would be a good one to read to a young child.  There are a few terms used that would not be considered correct in today's world.  However, they are not used in a malicious way and are a reflection of the time the book was written  -- in 1917.  Here's the introduction I wrote for LibriVox:

Zip, a little fox terrier, lives in the town of Maplewood in the house of his owner, Dr. Elsworth. Each day when Dr. Elsworth drives his carriage to visit his patients, Zip goes along with him so that he can keep the doctor company and, most importantly, visit with the other animals in the town. Zip likes to find out all the latest news so that he can tell it to his best friend, Tabby the cat, who also lives with Dr. Elsworth. However, he also finds himself getting into mischief, whether it’s trying to solve a burglary, sneaking fried chicken from a picnic, getting stuck in a stovepipe or fighting with Peter-Kins the monkey. Zip is one dog who never has a dull day.

For my next solo, I've just begun recording a book by Miriam Michelson called A Yellow Journalist.  It was originally published in 1905.  Rhoda Massey is a newspaper woman, a rarity during those years, who has to fight her way to get the scoop for her paper.  Almost all of her colleagues and peers are male and don't consider her a 'serious' journalist.  Of course, this just makes her all the more determined to prove them wrong.  Each chapter involves a different story Rhoda is working on and the lengths she must go to get the story and get it first.

I've already recorded one of Miriam Michelson's books for LibriVox called In the Bishop's Carriage.  You can listen to that one here.  I enjoyed the book so much that I decided to take a chance on another of her books.  So far, I've recorded the first two chapters and I'm in the process of editing them now.

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