Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Iambik Audiobooks releases third Literary Fiction collection


Iambik Audiobooks released their third collection of literary fiction today. There are six new titles available for purchase. The six titles are: Amphibian by Carla Gunn, The Painting and the City by Robert Freeman Wexler, Then We Saw the Flames by Daniel A. Hoyt,  How They Were Found  by Matt Bell, The Autobiography of Jenny X by Lisa Dierbeck, and With or Without You by Lauren Sanders.

I narrated With or Without You and found it to be compelling reading.  It begins with the arrest of 18 year old Lillian Speck for the murder of a soap opera actress for whom she had developed an infatuation.  Most of the book is written in the first person so the reader is privy to Lily's thoughts and actions as she looks back over her childhood, her time in prison leading up to her trial, and her relationship with her wealthy parents.  Some sections are devoted to a third person account of the life of the young actress, Brooke, through the eyes of Brooke's mother.  There are some very intense scenes and some violence.

The titles are $6.99 each or you can purchase the collection for $29.99 from the Iambik website. Use this code #jiam2011 at checkout on for 50% off all titles through the end of June 2011.


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