Monday, March 28, 2011

You can't fight Mother Nature

I had planned to record the last chapter of my first book for Iambik but we've had a steady rain interrupted by thunderstorms all day.

This means NO recording. It's hard enough to deal with lawn services, jets, school buses, and house noises but rain and thunder means you pack it in. Sigh. Normally, I enjoy rainy days. Great for reading, watching movies, etc., but I was on a roll with this book with one final chapter and any edits my proof-listener found for me to make. It's after 7:30pm now and it's still raining with a good bit of lightning and thunder thrown in for good measure.

Florida is considered the lightning capital of the U.S. and central Florida is sometimes referred to as the 'belt.' The weirdest part is that it's sometimes more dangerous immediately before and after a storm when people think it's OK to venture out.  I can't remember the specifics of why. There have been numerous cases of people injured or killed by lightning when it wasn't raining a drop. Let's just say I have a healthy respect for lightning.

So, I started dividing up the sections of my next Iambik project while hoping the rain would stop -- at least for awhile. I also began looking at carpet samples for a new rug to go under our dining room table. I'd been putting that off so at least now I have some web pages bookmarked. There are a zillion other things I could have been doing today and some of them desperately need to be done. I guess this was as good an excuse to be lazy as any other.

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