Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My next LibriVox solo


I've decided to record a short book written by three women in 1892 as my next solo project for LibriVox. It's called  Three Girls in a Flat and will be a nice break between recording chapters for the longer projects I'm working on for Iambik.

In order to rid my recordings of as much 'white' or ambient noise as possible, I've had to move my new Blue Yeti microphone as far from my computer as possible. I also built a little 'sound-proof' box for the Yeti to sit in. I took a cardboard box and lined the inside of the top, sides and back with egg-crate foam. My beautiful microphone is living in a shack. Something like this but, frankly, not as nice-looking.

Bummer, but it does the trick. Apparently, the fan on my Dell makes a lot more noise than what I can hear. The Yeti picks up everything. By moving it across the room and using the sound box, I've gotten rid of most of the background noise now. You do get a nice clean recording of your voice, too. Now I have to print whatever I'm recording because I'm too far away from the monitor to read it. A small price to pay for a more professional sound, though.

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