Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Frida at the Dali in the 'Burg!

Duane, Linda, and I had been looking forward to the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the Dali Museum in St. Pete as soon as we heard it was coming.  We finally made it over there and we weren't disappointed.  Besides the beautiful print above advertising the event, there was a flower wall that we absolutely loved.  It just seemed so 'Frida' since she was so often seen with flowers adorning her hair.

Full view of flower wall.

We noticed a number of people having their photos taken in front of the flower wall (above).  I'm not big on silk flowers but this was beautiful.  There was a short documentary film you could watch -- it ran about 5 minutes -- that showed black and white footage of Frida walking about and with her husband, Diego Rivera.  There was quite a bit of information about the dreadful accident that nearly took Frida's life.  I'm truly amazed that she survived it.  Here's a pencil sketch she drew while laid up after one of her many surgeries.  This was a recreation of what happened to her.   

Frida's sketch of the accident.

Here's a photograph of Frida with her parents and siblings.  I actually thought that Frida was in the front right.  Duane knew immediately that Frida was on the left wearing the men's suit.  I would never have guessed.

Frida (far left in suit) with her family.
 I thought this particular piece of art by Frida was very 'Dali-esque' and not her usual style.  I really liked it.

Frida's 'Dali-type' work.

Out of all of her works on display, I found myself drawn to this particular self-portrait.  I don't know why since it doesn't illustrate her usual bold colors but I think it was my favorite.

One of Frida's self-portraits. My favorite.

Close-up of a section of the flower wall.

After we finished viewing the exhibit we spent a little time in the Dali gift shop.  Always a nice place to browse and drop a few dollars.  All three of us bought a few things.  I settled for a cool 3-D Frida bookmark.  

Then we headed down Central Avenue to the old downtown section of St. Pete.  We had a terrific and relaxing lunch at the Community Cafe.  We've eaten there before so we knew we already loved the food.  They were preparing for another art exhibit by local artists.  This time the theme is Flower Power.  The cafe is a busy place and they do a lot to showcase area talent.  

Another great day in the 'Burg! 

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