Friday, November 11, 2016

A special voice-over project

Today is Veteran's Day.  My father was a veteran of the US Air Force.  He was also a Vietnam veteran although he was not in combat.  Dad was in Vietnam for a one-year tour from the summers of 1966-1967.  He was stationed at Bien Hoa which was about eighteen miles from Saigon.  I know that he served as a 'liaison' to the South Vietnamese Air Force.  That's mostly all I know about his work there.  When I requested a copy of the documents of his time there a few years ago, after Dad had died of what was deemed by the military to be Agent Orange-related cancer, I discovered...  very little.  Almost everything on the documents regarding his duties had been redacted.  I often wonder about this.  After fifty years, it's difficult to come to terms with whatever it is that his family isn't allowed to see.

My youngest sister, Heidi, works as Director of Communications for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund in Washington DC.  The VVMF needed someone to narrate the voice-over for part of their ongoing education program about the Vietnam war.  I was honored to oblige.  

You can listen to my recording about the history of The Wall and other monuments connected to it by going to the VVMF page here and clicking on 'Virtual Tour' on the right in the descriptive area.

A special Thank You to all who served and are presently serving.  Happy Veteran's Day.

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