Tuesday, October 25, 2016

This year's FIVE BY FIVE Celebration of Art

For the second year in a row, George and Duane participated as artists in the Five By Five art show held at the Tampa Museum of Art.  The proceedings from this show benefit the Arts Council of Hillsborough County’s individual artist programs.  To see where I blogged about this event last year, check here.  For more information about this event, check out their website with a list of all of the artists and pictures of each work entered here.  I noticed that there are already photos of the event posted on the site -- the show was last Friday night.

George and Duane -- our 2 'artistes'
This year we actually arrived before the show started.  George and Duane got their 'artist' stickers and were admitted for free.  Linda and I each paid $10.  All the art was priced at $25 and it was going fast by the time the line where we were standing got in the door.  A free-for-all!

Here are the 2 photographs that George entered:

George - photo no.1
George - photo no.2
Here's the piece Duane entered.  It's mixed media...
Duane's mixed media piece
We also managed to do a little shopping of our own.  Duane bought this painting:

Duane's purchase
Linda bought this work that is actually made from wax:

Linda's selection

Last year I bought two photographs but this year I purchased an acrylic and a watercolor:

Lee Ann's watercolor purchase
Lee Ann's acrylic purchase
This is a fun event to attend and it's for such a worthy cause.  I took a few pictures of the crowd but I'm still better with my digital camera than I am at taking pics with my smartphone.

Crowd during the show
Not much room to move around the art.
One of the performing artists.
Pic of the first row of art.  If you look closely, you can actually see both of George's photos in the center.
We had a great time despite stepping on other people's toes and having our own trod on.  I'll suspect we'll be back next year.

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