Thursday, September 1, 2016

My first role with The Online Stage

I was thrilled to be invited by Denis Daly, the director of The Online Stage, to become a part of the company a few months ago.  Today my first performance with TOS went live on Audible.  This is a short piece by Russian author Alexander Ostrovsky and is basically a comedy.  I play Serafima Karpovna.

Incompatibility of Temper: Three Pictures of Moscow Life by Alexander Ostrovsky
Translated by Ethel Voynich
Presented by the Online Stage
Alexander Ostrovsky was the premier Russian dramatist before Chekov, and a true master of realistic satire. His Incompatibility of Temper consists of three sections or "Pictures of Moscow life."
Despite its patina of humor, the work is a merciless exposé of the commercial middle class dishonesty, and the convenient immorality hiding behind social conventions, which are characteristic of a developing urban society. The most noble character, Serafima, is a compelling mixture of naïveté, whimsicality, sentimentality, and obstinate practicality - one of the finest character portraits in Russian drama.

I was very happy to work with a full cast in this production.  If live theater is your thing, please check out the sample and/or purchase the play here.

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