Monday, May 30, 2016

My latest art purchase

Linda, Duane, and I love to shop at the places near where Duane lives in Seminole Heights.  I've mentioned the shop A Modern Line here several times in the past.  It's a great place to find mid-century modern furniture, art, and decor.

We stopped in after one of our coffee/tea/treats/gab sessions recently and I saw a piece of art on the wall at the shop that I loved.  It's actually partially sculpted and some type of foil was used.  I knew I had several places I could use it in my house and I ended up hanging it in our dining room over a large window.

 These pictures don't do it justice since it's difficult to see the darker distressed areas.

The burnished silver actually plays off of our chandelier hanging over the dining room table.

Here are a few close-ups where you can get a better idea of the 3-D effect.

I not only loved the sculpted look but I thought this piece had just the right amount of funk.  The back of the piece is signed -- Vicki Valle Henry -- and dated -- 1986.  I looked up the artist and discovered that she died recently at the age of 88.  If anyone who knew her comes across this post, I hope they can see that one of her pieces went to a good home.    

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