Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Ghost Lights

I finished my usual Halloween goodies for my three nieces just in time this year.  Right after I finished, I came down with the COLD FROM HELL as I've been calling it.  I hadn't had a cold in over three years but this one has been a real doozy.  I guess it's making up for the years I missed.  Ick.    Anyway, I had finished making these cute little Halloween Ghost-A-Glow ghosts and packed them along with tubes of mini M&Ms and Halloween cards for Ava, Bailey and Taylor  -- my three favorite little people.  

The pattern was pretty easy.  It's free from Red Heart and can be found here.  These are crocheted and it's pretty much a type of Amigurumi.  Here's a pic of my three after I finished them.  

My ghost lights.

 Unfortunately, I couldn't get a decent pic of what they look like when the battery operated lights inside them are turned on.  You get the idea from this picture from Red Heart:

Courtesy of Red Heart site.

They actually put out a pretty good glow in a dark window.  Hope the girls like them.

With this darned cold, I've lost a week of recording time although I finally felt like doing some editing.  Glad I had so much already in the can because, even though I feel much better, you can still hear the cold in my voice.  Grrr...  I have two books and a short story I want to have finished by the end of November.  This will free me up for the month of December to concentrate on the holidays.   


  1. These are so cute!

    1. Thank you! They were very easy to make although amigurumi can be a little tough on the hands.