Saturday, May 24, 2014

Finger-knitting project update

Larger hula hoop with warp.
Yesterday, I began actually working on the finger-knitting project I talked about in my previous post here.  The first thing I discovered was that I needed to use the larger of the two hula hoops I bought.  Instead of the one pictured in the previous post, the tee shirt I cut into strips for the warp fit the larger hoop better.
(Pic on right.)  If I want to use the smaller hula hoop, I'll just need to cut up a smaller tee shirt.  I used a man's size XL -- too big for the 28 inch hoop but great for this 34 inch one.

Then, following Anne Weil's instruction on her site, Flax & Twine here, I was able to get my ball of finger-knitting started.  Since I've only been working on this project when I take a break from prepping for my next recording, I haven't gotten very far but it does go pretty fast.  I'm at the point now where I need to follow Anne's instructions for weaving through both sides of the tee shirt strips (warp) after having done the first 7-9 inches around the entire strip.  Here's what my future wall hanging of left-over yarn that I finger-knitted looks like right now.  It's approx. 8 inches wide at this point.

A close-up of the weaving:

Weave it taut but not tight.
I'll post again when I have more to look at.  I think it'll be fun weaving through all of the single strands as opposed to the double like you do for the first part of the project. 


  1. Thanks, Dana! It's slower going for me since I only work on it intermittently but I may get more done today!