Sunday, April 6, 2014

Saturday sales

Linda's table.
Linda, Duane, and I hit a thrift shop sale, an estate sale and a large yard sale Saturday morning.  We wanted to get to the sale at the Friends and Neighbors Thrift Store first so that Linda would have a chance to nab the adorable pale blue wicker table we saw there last Friday.  Happily, she got it at a great price.  It's a nice size table and she plans to use it in her master bedroom.  Linda and I also both bought a DVD each.  I've noticed that this shop has a nice selection of movies at great prices. 

Next, we hit an estate sale that was entering it's second day.  This sale was in an older section of what's referred to as 'Old Carrollwood' and the items were very nice.  There were two LeRoy Neiman signed serigraph prints.  One of the three tenors and the other was of Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong.  All three of us loved the 'Satchmo' print but, alas, it was beyond our budgets.

Neiman 'Satchmo' signed serigraph.

We didn't end up buying anything at this estate sale although we might have found something if we had gotten there on Friday morning when it first began.  A lot of smaller items had been sold.  The last sale we visited was completely by accident.  We happened to notice it as we were driving back to where the three of us met that morning.  Duane and I saw a yard sale in a very large front yard.  Linda made a quick left turn and we were there.  This lady had a lot of cute small stuff.  Mainly new items that she purchases in bulk because she takes items to children in different countries.  She had just returned from the Honduras.  I found several cool items for my nieces when I visit them next week in Virginia.  Linda also bought some new luggage tags and a book. 

Our small purchases.
We were near a large Starbucks -- hurray, we actually had no problem finding a table -- after we hit the estate sale so we were pretty caffeine-ated by the time we hit that yard sale.  The small items for each of my nieces are a finger puppet, a luggage tag for their school backpacks that say 'Hands Off!' and these cute little 'camera' keychains that make a clicking sound and flash a light when you press the button.   From LeRoy Neiman to tiny 'made in China' toys -- as always -- we never know what we'll find.


  1. Always such a fun way to spend a Saturday with friends or relatives!

  2. Yes, it is, Dana! Always looking for that rare find, too. :)