Monday, October 8, 2012

You never know what you'll find...

Duane and Linda and I set out early Saturday morning for what sounded like would be the ultimate estate sale.  According to their ad, these people had the estates of two houses plus items from a storage facility.  So we hurried to be at the address listed by the 8 am starting time.  What a bummer.  They were having the sale in a small storage facility that looked like a place they used as a business.  No signs of any kind but they had stuff behind a glass counter and on the walls.  There was another small back room.  Other than some under-priced china, they just looked like they had cleaned out a house of old clothes, some electronics, etc.  This was definitely not a genuine estate sale.

Of course, we were already out and about on a Saturday morning
so we weren't going to let our time go to waste.  Linda looked at the online garage and estate sale listings on her smart phone and we discovered several of them near where Duane lives so we headed back in that direction.  We got lucky this time.  The sale pictured above was at a house where Duane and I had gone to a garage sale barely a month ago.  The guy had had nice things.  I bought a couple of pieces of matte white pottery (including a piece of Poole, made in England) and Duane scored a white pedestal sink with tap for her bathroom for $25.00.  It looked brand new.  The guy even helped us load it into the car.  This time around it was a different guy having the sale.  The previous seller had been in the process of moving so it looked like the new owner was cleaning things out.  I scored some DVDs and Linda and Duane bought some books and some glassware.  Nice one.

Our next stop was a lady having a sale in her driveway.  We couldn't believe it when we saw a box of all sorts of yarn for $5.00.  Some of the yarn we can use for The Humble Stitch Project and some of it is boutique yarn.  Duane also found some Williams-Sonoma serving pieces.  Ah, another happy ending.  Our last stop was a gay church in Duane's neighborhood that was having a big bazaar.  Sadly, we hadn't known that it had actually begun the day before on Friday.  They still had nice things, though.  I found a vase and Duane and Linda found more books.  I'll bet the stuff on Friday morning was primo. 

We were tired after the last stop so we went to Starbucks for a mid-morning caffeine jolt and snack.  Another successful morning.  Good buys and good company.


  1. Duane lives in the cool neighborhood. And there's more this coming weekend! We never have a bad time when we're out.

    I finished knitting my hat but have to figure out how to make it look like a hat. Will probably need assistance.

  2. Yes, it's so easy to find things to do in Duane's neighborhood.

    I can help with the hat. It's actually pretty easy and ends up looking great.

  3. I love a good yard sale! Sounds like a good score.

  4. Yes, we try to hit a couple at least every few weeks. The week day estate sales are usually the best. :)