Sunday, September 30, 2012

We only hit Ikea during the week

Duane, Linda and I love going to Ikea.  However, we've all decided that weekends are out of the question.  We don't go very often and have no desire to fight the weekend crowd.  So, Linda usually takes either all or half of a Friday off from work.  For this trip we figured we only needed half a day so we met at Duane's (since she lives the closest to Ikea) and set out from there.  Each of us had a specific list of items we were looking for either to buy or just to get a better look. 

The Ikea here is in the middle of a renovation so parts of it were closed off which made getting through it a little quicker than usual.  The remodeling should be finished by early November.  We did have to search and/or ask about certain items because they weren't in their usual places.  But our mission was a success.  You'd be surprised what you can fit into the back of a Mini Cooper with just one of the backseats down.  (We still needed room for the three of us.)  The photo below shows boxes containing a chair, a large cushion for the chair, a floor lamp, several other lamps, and various kitchen and household items.  

I knew we could do it!  Here are some photos of what Linda and I purchased and assembled over the next couple of days.  I bought this skinny white reading lamp for my home office to replace the one I gave  to my nephew.   Love the small footprint for this lamp!

I also bought a very pretty lampshade to use for a hanging lamp on the opposite side of the futon shown above.  I wanted something decorative for the corner.

Now, here's the picture of Linda's chair with cushion and a small lamp that she bought.  The chair had to be assembled but it wasn't too bad.  I'd like to buy two of these for my family room to replace a loveseat.  All three of us bought a lot of tiny things, too, but they didn't require any work once we got them home.  Now I just have to convince George about the chair...  Another of our friends, Shirley, has had two of these Poang chairs for several years and said they've held up really well. 



  1. What a fun day as well as productive. The chair is very comfortable and I plan to buy the matching footstool to make it complete. I had a more difficulty putting the lamp together than I thought I would, as I am not talented in that way. But it all worked out. Mrs. Peel can really hold a lot of stuff!

  2. I love that chair! It's going to look great with the footstool, too. I sent this pic to George so he could see exactly what the one I want looks like. :)