Saturday, March 17, 2012

New books from Iambik Audiobooks

It's only looked quiet at the Iambik website.  Behind the scenes, narrators, proof-listeners and the people who make it happen have been very busy.  Three new titles are out today with lots more to follow.   First up is a collection of stories in the crime genre.  Las Vegas Noir is an anthology of 16 stories by 16 different writers.  Each story is set in a specific area of Las Vegas.  As a first for Iambik, the stories are told by numerous narrators.  I narrated the creepy "Bits and Pieces" by Christine McKellar.  This book is one in the Noir Series published by Akashic Books with each book concentrated on a particular place.  So, get a taste of the different parts of Las Vegas and figure out where you would and wouldn't like to visit.

The second Iambik book is in the literary fiction mode.  Trash Sex Magic by Jennifer Stevenson and narrated by the talented Arielle Lipshaw is filled with memorable characters.  Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife described it beautifully:  “This just absolutely rocks. It’s lyrical, it’s weird and it’s sexy in a very funky way. Trash Sex Magic is full of people you would maybe be afraid to meet in real life, but once you’ve met them fictionally you are damn sorry you can’t at least have a beer with them.”

Our third new title is in the science fiction/fantasy genre and is called Road to Hell by Krista D. Ball.  Narrated by the multi-talented Priscilla Holbrook, this book spans the areas of crime, sci/fi, and war.  Follow Captain Katherine Francis as she struggles with her conscience working with a known spy after her home planet is destroyed and her family killed.  Her determination to end the war leads to tough decisions she is forced to make.   

To listen to the first chapters of any of these books, visit Iambik Audiobooks.   Our books are available as mp3 files for any media players and m4b format for iTunes, iPods, iPads and iPhones.  The cost is $6.99 per title.  These books will also be available at Audible and Amazon within a few weeks.

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