Sunday, January 22, 2012

Edit, edit, edit and Amigurumi cupcakes

I've been really pushing the past few days to catch up on my editing for my LibriVox book, Camp-Fire Girls in the Country.  I managed to finish recording all of the chapters and now I'm busily editing them to finish this book up so I can decide on my next LibriVox project.

In between bouts of editing, I've been working on crocheting Amigurumi cupcakes for my nieces for Valentine's Day.  Unlike the dogs I made for them for Christmas, I did not want to have to hurry to have these finished in time.  As it turned out, they were pretty fast to make.  This pattern is a larger size -- like a 'big' cupcake or a muffin.  There are patterns for much smaller ones using smaller hooks that I'd like to try but they would take longer to make and I'm a little crunched for time right now.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with these.  I made one chocolate one and two vanilla.  All with pink icing, of course.  Instead of threading beads or sewing thread on the tops for decoration, I decided to use these buttons I came across at Michael's.  They're heart shaped strawberries with sparkly stones set into them.  The girls love anything that sparkles.  Since these are firmly  sewn onto the tops, they should be able to withstand being played with.  I had to explain this concept to George.  He thought they looked great  but (after squeezing them first), he asked what the girls were supposed to do with them.  (Insert rolling of eyes here.)  Play with them and pretend they have real cupcakes that they're making, serving, etc.  I assured him that I was giving them Valentine's Day M&Ms to go with them.  That part he understood -- something sweet to eat.

Now, it's back to editing and getting this book into the catalog... 


  1. They are adorable! They look good enough to eat!

  2. Thanks to both of you! They don't look quite as 'polished' as the pictures that came with the instructions but, for a first effort, I'm happy with them.