Monday, July 25, 2011

Born in the Fifties

A shout out to my friend, Barbara, who is celebrating her birthday today.  She's also my 'almost twin' since we were born one week apart.  We were, as the title states, born in the fifties -- smack in the middle of the baby boom.  More fifties baby boomers include my sister, Pam, and a number of friends, including Linda, Becky S. and John O.

The Police sure looked good when they produced this song.  Blonde on ice.  The first video shows them as they were in the late '70's and the second video was put together by someone who liked the song and wanted to evoke the era.  Not a bad job.

This video is for all of us but with a special Happy Birthday to Barb! 

The lyrics for the entire song are displayed on the Youtube page with this video:


  1. Thanks Claire!! What a great song to start the day. I've never heard it before and adore it "the class they couldn't teach..." ha! ain't that the truth? They still can't teach us.

  2. Glad you liked it! This has always been one of my favorite Police songs.

  3. Wow, and Sting still looks HOT! Look forward to celebrating your big day next week!!

  4. Will do!

    I remember a critic in the Rolling Stone referring to the Police as 'blonde soul' which I thought was a great way to describe them. I have every album they put out. Glad you liked this song!

    We'll have a 'belated' celebration of your b-day with mine. May as well stretch it out!

  5. Enjoyed the song--not very familiar with many Police songs. Sting is still hot.

    Love George's picture--just beautiful.

  6. Yeah, Sting takes good care of himself.

    Glad you like the song and George's pic.