Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hyperparathyroidism! There, I said it!

And, now, for something a little different from my usual posts...

As always, I love bragging about my nieces and nephews and my oldest nephew, Sam (see post for March 16, 2011), has had an interesting summer.  Sam will begin his junior year in college this month but spent his summer working with world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Jim Norman.  Sam was allowed to be present in the OR to observe and video Dr. Norman performing parathyroid mini surgery.  Dr. Norman is recognized as the inventor of minimally invasive radioguided parathyroid surgery in the mid 1990s, and is credited with dramatically changing the way parathyroid surgery is performed. Dr. Norman has performed over 16,500 mini-parathyroid operations.  Observing Dr. Norman was an incredible opportunity for Sam who is a pre-med student.  We're very proud of him!

There is almost no blood in this video (I'm a bit squeamish) and I thought Sam did a good job with his camera work.  After observing Dr. Norman perform this procedure a number of times, Sam wanted to video it for a project for school.  The video (along with a lot more information) is also being shown on Dr. Norman's website here.    


  1. Well done! I didn't look too closely, I'm squeamish, too, but it is interesting.

  2. Love George's photo. At first it looked like an abstract painting, which is sort of what it is. Very cool.

  3. Thanks! I'll tell him you said that. I liked the colors in this one.