Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Music, music and more music!

I'm shameless when it comes to my nephews and nieces and my nephew, Sam, has a couple of new songs out.

Sam is a college sophomore majoring in pre-med (Molecular Biology and Microbiology) but I'm so happy that he still makes time for his music. His latest solo is a beautiful song he wrote for his girlfriend, Ali, called Alexandra.

The band that Sam sometimes performs with, The White Kids, have a free download of their mixtape (including one where Sam performs lead vocals
called Grey October) here.

The White Kids are a combination of alternative, indie and hip hop. They also have a new song out (with Sam singing falsetto) called Smoke That.  Give them a listen.

And, for something a little different and a bit older, there's the Death Metal group Brutality.  Tampa was considered the home of Death Metal in the '90's and Brutality released CDs and toured in Europe.  I should mention that the lead singer, Scott Reigel, is the son of my friend, Duane.  Duane is also a distant cousin (that story is for another blog entry) so I consider both of them my cousins. I don't know where Scott gets it from but his vocals are unique.  Here's a promo photo from 'back-in-the-day.'

Scott is on the far right. He no longer has his dreads but he's still rocking. You can listen to Brutality and purchase their music on their website here.


  1. Very nice!! I sent Scott your blog address so he can look at it.

  2. Wonderful! I hope he likes it.